Maui Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals LLC.

Hawaii State CHO License # 292,   GET ID: -063-254-9346-01
(808) 214-0612
Island Wide Emergency On Island Contact Service
(Includes booklet for guests, 4 phone calls/month and in unit registration certificate)
 Stiff penalties for non compliance for Hawaii Act 204 are $500/DAY!

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On Island Contact Division (Same Company, just different division!)

(Includes our "Grab n Go" Emergency Instruction Booklet for your guests!)
If the power goes out after an earthquake (happened in 2006) or if a last minute tsunami warning/watch get issues and the cell or land line phones get that dreaded "all circuits busy" message, you'll feel much better knowing your guests have our emergency instructions booklet with advice and directions to the closest emergency shelters. 

Don't designate your condo cleaner, Realtor or neighbor as your On-Island Contact!  Why would you put your investment in the hands of some local person who isn't licensed or insured!

Owners Testimonials

My wife and I asked Maui Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals to be our booking agent when we needed to share our condo with vacationers.  We had an overwhelming response and were able to rent it out for a large percentage of the year.  Kory took the time to make each vacationer feel they were on vacation.  We had a few folks who were hard to please but Kory was very accommodating and by the end of the stay they became repeat clients.  I'm very satisfied with the level of service Maui Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals provided

-  Keith Hertz - Maui Sands 2G

We rented our condo, Maui Sands 5C, for the first time with Kory Skolnick and retained him as our property manager for more than three years. Our condo was rented consistently and he went far and above to make sure our guests were comfortable and well taken care of; from solving practical problems to providing extra help with rentals and activities. He was diligent to get the payment to our account as quickly as possible and we enjoyed working with him. Our condo was well advertised and well maintained while he was managing it. We sold the condo in 2011 and the new owners have continued to use him as well with the same favorable results that we experienced. I would highly recommend his company..

-  Karl and Linda Gotsch - Maui Sands unit 5C

I wanted to take a moment to recommend Kory Skolnick (Now known as Maui Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals as a future property manager for you.  He has helped so many times with the needs of renters, whether it is a kayak or a baby high chair.  He has also done an excellent job of keeping the unit booked and we have paid him a 25% commission and have been extremely happy with the income he has brought us. When I did my research, the 25% commission is quite reasonable compared to some of the other property management companies on the Island.

-  Vince Ranalli - New Maui Sands owners of unit 5C
  (As of 2012)

Kory has been my rental agent for 5-B Maui Sands for the since 2009.  During that time he has done a excellent job with my unit and my rental clients.  He has my unit booked almost all year long!  I highly recommend him as a rental agent.

-  Richard Harlan - Owner Maui Sands unit 5B


Kory Skolnick has been serving as my property manager for my beach front condo on Maui for about 4 years.  As a result of his efforts, I have been able to recoup nearly all of my month to month expenses over this period of time. Without the income generated by the rentals Kory manages, I would have needed to sell my unit and lost my Maui home. I receive organized rental statements and regular income checks each month.  My wife and I put a lot of time and money into our condo to make it a special place for us and our guests. When we began to rent it out we were concerned that it would be abused and damaged. I am pleased to say that my place still looks great and has not sustained damage thanks to the hard work put forth by Kory to keep the renters happy and my unit clean. I would highly recommend Kory’s property management company to prospective owners looking for a personalized, accessible, competent individual to rent your unit.

-  Joseph Johnson - Owner unit 1J