Maui Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals LLC.

Hawaii State CHO License # 292,   GET ID: -063-254-9346-01
(808) 214-0612
Island Wide Emergency On Island Contact Service
(Includes booklet for guests, 4 phone calls/month and in unit registration certificate)
 Stiff penalties for non compliance for Hawaii Act 204 are $500/DAY!

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On Island Contact Division (Same Company, just different division!)

(Includes our "Grab n Go" Emergency Instruction Booklet for your guests!)
If the power goes out after an earthquake (happened in 2006) or if a last minute tsunami warning/watch get issues and the cell or land line phones get that dreaded "all circuits busy" message, you'll feel much better knowing your guests have our emergency instructions booklet with advice and directions to the closest emergency shelters. 

Don't designate your condo cleaner, Realtor or neighbor as your On-Island Contact!  Why would you put your investment in the hands of some local person who isn't licensed or insured!

Sample of our Monthly statements sent out to all owners of our rentals:

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Sample of our Yearly statements sent out to all owners of our rentals:

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